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Eco-friendly Fabric Monsters!

Foo Monster from fixedgeargirl

Foo Monster from fixedgeargirl

“This Soft Foo Monster is a computer programmer by day and a disco loving dude at night. There will never be another just like him, and he has tons of character!

Mr. Soft Foo Monster is made from wonderful, irresistible grey fleece, with all sorts of fun machine stitched spots in flannel and fleece. He has a fang and a big letter “A” out of baby blue fleece. He has expressive eyes made from yellow red, and purple felt. Soft Foo Monster’s dimensions are 8″ wide by 11″ tall, stuffed firm with new hypoallergenic polyfill. His body is embroidery stitched by hand. My workspace is smoke free and cat/dog hair free.

All of fixedgeargal’s constructions are unique pieces of art, handmade by Capella Parrish. They are manufactured from thrift store fabrics or from donated items from friends such as sweaters, fleece or wool blankets and embellished by other odd fabrics that she finds in fabric stores.”

Please see fixedgeargal’s fantastic site for more unique fabric creatures!