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What to do with your cool old tshirts

Tshirt Art

Isn’t this a nice way to save old t shirts from the rag bag?  These are embroidery hoops – they are used for holding the fabric while you work on it.  You could also use frames to turn t shirts into art!  This would work with any fabric – scarves, unfinished sewing projects, etc!

” I was thinking that the hoops would be a quick and easy way to decorate the bedroom my two boys share…but how? So many crafty ideas are too girlie to translate to boys. When I was going through a bunch of old T-shirts that they had outgrown, the idea hit me: Hoop the T’s! Often when my parents travel abroad, they bring back T-shirts to the boys. I always have a hard time parting with the shirts, as they are meaningful. (The frog T is from Costa Rica and the red T with embroidery is from Africa. The tie-dye is from an old romper I couldn’t bear to part with. Boys wear so few patterns, and I always love them in tie-dye.)”
Please see Betz Whites blog for the whole post and The Purl Bee for a tutorial for making these hooped fabric hangings.

Tshirt Bags

T shirt Bag

The Good Thing Bag

Martha Stewart has instructions for how to make shopping bags out of old tshirts.   Simple, clever, pretty and practical – it’s the Good-Thing Bag!

There are more extensive intructions for similar t shirt bags at not the jet set . net

They have good advice about what kind of tshirt looks best… they suggest, for example, using novelty and college tshirts (you might get funny looks from a grocery bagger if you hand them your old Hendrix tshirt with no explanation.)

not the jet set also says that “the fitted style t-shirts work better then the unfitted. I also found that the smalls work the best. The white one in the photo is a large but I found that unfitted mediums seem to work well also.” Looks like a good washable bag for gym or swimming gear!

Tshirt bags

Tshirt bags


Eco-Friendly Picture Frames with Cute Animal Photos

Popsicle Stick FramePopsicle Stick Frame
Popsicle Stick Frame BackPopsicle Stick Frame Back

I wanted to make frames with my 7 year old daughter.

The idea was that we would make frames out of things we found – twigs, cardboard and cloth, etc – and put in photos of animals!  Our potential models were pigs, chickens, turkeys, cats….bees… oh, and horses of course!

Popsicle Stick Frame

We ended up making these popsicle stick frames.  They were easy and look good!   I still want to make the twig frames!     Framed photos make great gifts and are fun to make!

Here are some more ideas:

Stick frame

Rustic Stick Frame

  • Glue Twigs with Glue gun
  • wrap with twine….
  • glue photo in place

Full instructions are at Making friends

Craft Stick Sunflower Picture Frame

I have some colored craft sticks already so I liked the look of this.

  • You just glue the sticks together,
  • embellish with a sunflower cutout or whatever, let dry,
  • then put a piece of cardboard on the back, leaving the top open to slide in a photo.
  • Then you glue on a easel piece, magnet, or a ribbon to hang…

See full instructions at Making Friends