What to do with your cool old tshirts

Tshirt Art

Isn’t this a nice way to save old t shirts from the rag bag?  These are embroidery hoops – they are used for holding the fabric while you work on it.  You could also use frames to turn t shirts into art!  This would work with any fabric – scarves, unfinished sewing projects, etc!

” I was thinking that the hoops would be a quick and easy way to decorate the bedroom my two boys share…but how? So many crafty ideas are too girlie to translate to boys. When I was going through a bunch of old T-shirts that they had outgrown, the idea hit me: Hoop the T’s! Often when my parents travel abroad, they bring back T-shirts to the boys. I always have a hard time parting with the shirts, as they are meaningful. (The frog T is from Costa Rica and the red T with embroidery is from Africa. The tie-dye is from an old romper I couldn’t bear to part with. Boys wear so few patterns, and I always love them in tie-dye.)”
Please see Betz Whites blog for the whole post and The Purl Bee for a tutorial for making these hooped fabric hangings.

Tshirt Bags

T shirt Bag

The Good Thing Bag

Martha Stewart has instructions for how to make shopping bags out of old tshirts.   Simple, clever, pretty and practical – it’s the Good-Thing Bag!

There are more extensive intructions for similar t shirt bags at not the jet set . net

They have good advice about what kind of tshirt looks best… they suggest, for example, using novelty and college tshirts (you might get funny looks from a grocery bagger if you hand them your old Hendrix tshirt with no explanation.)

not the jet set also says that “the fitted style t-shirts work better then the unfitted. I also found that the smalls work the best. The white one in the photo is a large but I found that unfitted mediums seem to work well also.” Looks like a good washable bag for gym or swimming gear!

Tshirt bags

Tshirt bags



  1. thermvac Said:

    I tried your shopping bag idea and got some wierd looks at the local store. Good laugh.

  2. AlexM Said:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. NtJS Said:

    Glad you enjoyed the project!


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